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Coroner's Court of Western Australia
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What is an Inquest?

An Inquest is a public hearing conducted by a Coroner. In Perth Inquests are held primarily in the Coroner's Court at Level 10 Central Law Courts, 501 Hay Street, Perth. If a larger court is required the Inquest can be held at Central Law Courts or even Fremantle Court, but the parties involved would be informed of the venue by letter prior to the Inquest taking place. In country regions Inquests are held at the local Court.

The Coroner is interested in finding what lessons can be learnt from the death and can comment on any matter connected with the death (for example, the Coroner might make recommendations about changes to hospital procedures or to the design of equipment to make it safer.) The Coroner cannot decide that any person has committed an offence or determine any question of civil liability- that is for other courts

Last updated: 21-May-2014

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