Coroner's Court of Western Australia

Inquest into the Death of Anthony Charles EURA

Inquest into the Death of Anthony Charles EURA

Delivered on: 13 September 2016

Delivered at: Perth

Finding of: Coroner Linton

Recommendations: N/A

Orders/Rules: N/A

Suppression Order: N/A

Summary: The deceased was a 42 year old Aboriginal man with an extensive forensic history and regular presentations to various medical facilities with alcohol and drug induced psychotic symptoms and self-harming behaviour.

The deceased travelled to Perth from Kununurra to visit his children but was unable to see them. While he was in Perth his brother died which distressed the deceased and he became suicidal. He was hospitalised on two occasions before he flew back to Kununurra in October 2006.

The Coroner heard evidence that the deceased often experienced suicidal thoughts and, in particular, had told medical staff he intended to go into the bush in Kununurra and end his life after his brother’s funeral. The Coroner, however, noted that the deceased had been increasingly unwell, which might leave open the possibility that his death may have occurred by way of natural causes. Accident could also not be excluded.

The Coroner was satisfied that the deceased died sometime in November 2006 somewhere in or near Kununurra but the cause of his death was unascertained. The Coroner found death occurred by way of open finding.

Catch Words: Mental Health : Missing person : Open Finding

Last updated: 27-Feb-2024

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