Coroner's Court of Western Australia

Inquest into the Death of Arnold James King

Delivered on 19 May 2014 at Perth.

Finding of State Coroner.


The deceased was a 84 year old man who at the time of his disappearance grieving over the death of his wife as well as having considerable financial debt.

The deceased lived on his own at his house in Ravensthorpe. The deceased was in regular contact with his grandson and it was the deceased’s grandson who reported the deceased missing to the police. After an extensive search by emergency services the deceased has never been located.

The inquest focused on the circumstances surrounding the deceased’s disappearance and the searches which were undertaken by emergency services to locate the deceased.

The Coroner found the deceased died between 7 and 13 November 2011 from unknown causes. The Coroner made an Open Finding in respect to the manner of death.

Catch Words

Missing person : emergency search : open finding.

Last updated: 19 July 2022

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