Coroner's Court of Western Australia

Inquest into the Death of Lorraine Jane HANSEN

Inquest into the Death of Lorraine Jane HANSEN

Delivered on : 23 October 2018

Delivered at : Perth

Finding of : Coroner Jenkin

Recommendations :N/A

Orders/Rules : N/A

Suppression Order : N/A

Summary :  The deceased died on 29 June 2016, in Willetton from head injuries. She was 25-years of age.

On the evening of 28 June 2016, the deceased was at a house in Willetton, celebrating the birth of a newborn with some friends. She and other became intoxicated and arguments and physical fights broke out. The owner of the some home called police and several party goers were evicted. Before police arrived, the deceased and her partner were involved in several physical altercations. The deceased was punched to the side of the head and had her head forced into the carpet.

The homeowner was happy for the deceased to stay and after police left, he took the deceased’s partner and another person to a nearby train station and they went to Perth. When the homeowner returned home, he offered the deceased a bed for the night. She initially accepted, but after a short time, she asked the homeowner to take her to the train station as well.

The homeowner agreed and they set off in his car. The homeowner says that a short time later, the deceased began making made sexual advances towards him. He told her to stop making inappropriate comments, but she persisted. He says he became angry, stopped his car, and demanded she get out. He says the deceased got out of his car on Vahland Avenue, Willetton near the intersection of Collins Street. The homeowner says the last time he saw the deceased, she was standing intoxicated, but alive at the side of the road.

At about 12.15 am on 29 June 2016, the deceased was found lying on the road at the intersection of Apsley Avenue and Brolga Promenade, Willetton. She was alive, but unresponsive and bleeding from head injuries. The place where the deceased is about 1.8 kilometres from where the homeowner said the deceased got out of his car. An extensive police investigation, found no compelling evidence that any particular person had been involved in the deceased’s death.

The Coroner set out a number of explanations for how the deceased had come to be found in the location she was, and for how she may have sustained her injuries. However, on the basis of the available evidence, the Coroner was unable to make any conclusions as to how the deceased died. He therefore made an open finding as to the manner of the deceased’s death.

Catch Words : Inconsistencies of witnesses evidence : Suspicious circumstances : Open finding

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