Coroner's Court of Western Australia

Inquest into the Death of Pauline Margaret DODD

Inquest into the Death of Pauline Margaret DODD

Delivered on :5 February 2016

Delivered at : Perth

Finding of : Deputy State Coroner Vicker

Recommendations :N/A

Orders/Rules : N/A

Suppression Order : N/A

Summary : The deceased was a 51 year old Aboriginal woman at the time of her death.  The deceased had been transferred from the Frankland Centre to Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital while under a court order to review, which was issued by the Magistrates Court following the deceased’s erratic behaviour in Albany.  The deceased was treated for an infection but was difficult to manage due to her deteriorating behaviour.

The deceased had a history of mental health issues which were first indicated by an admission to Graylands Hospital in September 1989 at the age of 26 years.  Prior to her death the deceased had become increasingly abrasive and difficult in her behaviour.  She was referred to the Frankland Centre by Court Order and despite being placed on medication she continued to have aggressive and hostile behaviour but the Coroner found that she could have possibly also been experiencing some physical deterioration.

Every attempt was made to treat the deceased effectively for her physical wellbeing but this would only occur when the deceased would allow it.  Medical staff at the Frankland Centre became concerned for the deceased when she started to display cardiac symptoms and sought appropriate input from cardiology at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.  The deceased was transferred to Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital due to concerns with an infection.  She was treated with IV antibiotics but her physical state deteriorated and she suffered a cardiac arrest and died as a result.

At the time of her death the deceased was an involuntary patient at the Frankland Centre.  Her involuntary status at the time of her death mandates an inquest whereby the Coroner found the supervision, treatment and care were of a satisfactory standard.

A post mortem examination was conducted and the deceased died as a result of ischaemic heart disease.  The Coroner found that death arose by way of Natural Causes.

Catch Words : Ischaemic Heart Disease : Mental Health Issues : Natural Causes.

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