Inquest into the Death of Samir Joseph Abraham

Delivered on 2 June 2016 at Perth.

Finding of Deputy State Coroner Vicker.


On 26 October 2013 the deceased was at the beach of Yanchep Lagoon when he attempted to swim to the reef creating the lagoon. Just before he reached the reef he appeared to experience difficulties in reaching the reef. He then disappeared under water and despite an extensive sea, land and air search, was never seen again. The deceased was 30 years of age.

The deceased was a musical entertainer who also worked as a plasterer. He was generally considered to be healthy, although somewhat overweight, at the time he went for a swim in Yanchep Lagoon. The Court heard that the deceased was happy and had everything to live for, a happy home life, adequate working life and a future for him in the music industry.

On the evening of 26 October 2013 the deceased was with friends at the Yanchep Lagoon following a meal and drinking alcohol.

While he had not been into the water when others were paddling at the water’s edge, as the group decided to leave, the deceased decided he would swim out to a locator approximately 30 metres away on the other side of the lagoon on the reef.

Despite his friends suggesting this may not be a good idea due to his level of intoxication the deceased continued swimming. Shortly before reaching the reef the deceased ran into difficulties and appears to have been unable to remain afloat. He has signalled to friends, possibly for assistance.

Within 20 minutes of the deceased’s disappearance competent life savers were out at the reef’s edge looking for him and diving to examine the crevices in and around the reef. There was no sign of the deceased.

The Coroner was satisfied beyond all reasonable doubt as to the death of the deceased and that death occurred on 26 October 2013. The Coroner found death occurred by way of misadventure.

Catch Words

Missing person : drowning while intoxicated : misadventure.

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