Coroner's Court of Western Australia

The Autopsy Report

Once the pathologist has all the results of the tests a detailed report is prepared for the Coroner. It outlines the medical findings and conclusions. The Coroner takes this information into account when making a finding. When the report is available the important conclusions are set out in a letter sent to the family.

If a family member wishes to obtain access to the contents of the autopsy report a request in writing must be made to the Coroner. As this is a medical document, which is written using medical terms which can easily be misunderstood, a copy will be forwarded to your medical practitioner who can explain the report to you.

When family members request an autopsy report they must include in their letter the name, address and phone number of their doctor, so the report can be sent directly to the surgery on their behalf.

Last updated: 11-Dec-2017

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