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Coroner's Court of Western Australia
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In the First 24 Hours

  • The person's body will be taken to the State Mortuary (J Block, QEII Medical Centre, Nedlands) if the death was in Perth or to a regional hospital if the death was in the country.
  • The next of kin will be contacted by a police officer, most likely from the Coronial Investigation Unit, who will serve a copy of the Coroners' brochure, "When a Person Dies Suddenly" a PDF copy of this document is available below.
  • You may wish to contact a funeral director
  • You may be asked to identify the person.
  • The Coroner will decide whether an autopsy needs to be performed. If you want to object to an autopsy, contact the Coroner's office or the Police Coronial Investigation Unit after hours immediately. Before deciding to object to an autopsy it is important to bear in mind the fact that if there is no autopsy information as to the cause of death will be lost and it may not be possible to reliably determine the cause of death
  • If you are a family member, staff from DonateWest may contact you to ask if you will agree to tissue donation.
  • The police or Coroner's office may contact you to get more information about the circumstances of the death or the person's medical history.

Last updated: 15-Jan-2014

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